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Science Week 2017

During National Science Week 13th-17th March each class spent a morning or afternoon doing five different experiments. Children in KS1 enjoyed trying to make their parrots rock and catching rainbows. Year 3 worked with a mixture that sometimes behaves as a solid and sometimes a liquid. The two Year 4 classes enjoyed launching their exploding rockets and the Year 5 pupils found out what yeast needs to grow. At the end of the week the Year 6 children learnt about DNA and extracted it from kiwi fruit followed by the enjoyable task of making a sweet model of the structure of DNA.

We were also delighted to have three parents who came in to talk to the children about how science is involved in their work. The children learnt about how some parts of the brain work, why aeroplanes are able to fly and how chromatography is used to identify chemicals.

Many thanks to all the parents who helped out in any way during the week.