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Mrs. Gimson has sadly retired after an amazing 31 years!

Yvonne Gimson


After 31 years at Lady Bay Primary School, Yvonne Gimson has decided to retire. She was going to finish in November but she was persuaded to stay on until Christmas - such is her diligence and work ethic!


Yvonne first started work at Lady Bay Primary School in November 1986. Initially, Yvonne worked as part of the Midday Supervisor team. In 1994 she was appointed as the Senior Midday Supervisor meaning that she managed and led the entire team of Midday Supervisors.

Yvonne is very hard working and hardly has any time off. She is very kind and caring towards the children and can often be found outside the dining hall dispensing first aid! She also likes to organise skipping games for the children.  Apparently, she is a skipping sensation herself!


Yvonne has always been very active in the Lady Bay community. In addition to working at the school she worked for many years at the All Hallows before and after school club. She is also involved with Adbolton Hall home for the elderly, the Skylarks dementia home and the Cheshire Home and is very active at All Hallows church.


We wish here all the best for the future and a happy retirement!