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Year 3

Miss Kimberley Hutchinson and Mrs Jane Hewitt (Year 3 teachers)


During Year 3 in Literacy the children can enjoy rich and exciting texts.  In the Autumn term we start with the book ‘ Bob the Man on the Moon’ and other books in the series which link well with our science topic ‘What makes the Earth angry?’

In the Spring term the children can enjoy a short literature topic on the fictional character Tadeo Jones as part of our History topic on Ancient  Egypt. In the summer term we will study the books ‘Ugg’ and ‘Boy’ by Raymond Briggs as part of our Stone Age Topic.

Children can also throw themselves into the splendid world of Roald Dahl where we focus on the children’s favourite parts of some of his best loved books.

Topic wise we begin the year with studying some Mediterranean countries and look at why so many people visit the Mediterranean for their holidays. The topic links well with the children’s summer holidays and children get opportunity to bring in menus and photographs from countries they have visited in the holidays.

We also invite speakers in from some of the Mediterranean countries for question and answer sessions which the children really enjoy.

We visit Pizza Express where the children have fun making their own pizzas. In addition we have a Mediterranean food tasting session in class where we encourage children to try new Mediterranean foods. Children will study famous musicians and artists from across the Mediterranean.

In the Spring term we will be looking at the lives of the Ancient Egyptians which children find fascinating. We visit an Egyptian Museum to see Egyptian Artefacts and perform an Egyptian play to parents with singing, dancing and drama at the end of the topic.

In the Summer term we take a look at the lives of the Stone Age people and enjoy a visit to Creswell Crags where the children have chance to make fire and discover fossils and artefacts.

Also in the Summer term we will study how Trent Bridge has changed since Victorian times. This will involve a trip to Trent Bridge cricket ground where children can visit the Long Room to see photographs showing the story of cricket from Victorian times to present day.

 In year 3 the children will begin school swimming lessons. Where possible in the Autumn and Summer terms children will enjoy weekly sports lessons at the school field where they will participate in rugby and football training (Autumn term ) and rounders and cricket lessons (summer term).