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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school
Picture 1 Mr Steve Border Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Tracey Keane: Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs Marj Masters: School Business Manager
Picture 4 Mr Arun Nath: Site Manager
Picture 5 Ms Alison Chilton: Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Lizzie James: Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Louise Warren: Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 8 Mr Bryn Shelley: Y1 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Steph Chamberlain: F&KS1 Leader & Y1 Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs Louise Williams: Y2 Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs Claire Sture: Y2 Teacher
Picture 12 Miss Kim Hutchinson: Year 3 Teacher
Picture 13 Ms Jane Hewitt: Y3 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs Sue Hawketts: Y4 Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Claire Milton: Y4 Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Lauren Shaw: Y4 Teacher
Picture 17 Mrs Gill Zelynskyj: Y4 teacher
Picture 18 Mrs Gill Willson: Y5 Teacher and SENCo
Picture 19 Mr Brendon Fallows: Y5 Teacher
Picture 20 Mrs Alix McKibbin: Y6 Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs Lynn Davie: KS2 Leader and Y6 Teacher
Picture 22 Miss Jenna Beckett: Y6 Teacher
Picture 23 Señora Eva Lopez: Spanish Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs Lisa Smith: Senior Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs Sarah Wells: Senior Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs Lorna Davies: Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs Tanya Straw: Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Miss Cheryl Litchfield: Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Mrs Debbie Clarke: Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Mrs Vanessa Horner: Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Mrs Vanessa Earley: Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Mrs Nicki Crowe: Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Mr Chris Armour: Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs Sharon Craig: Administrator
Picture 35 Heather Stimpson: Administrator
Picture 36 Mr. Mark Stapleton (Site Manager's Assistant)
Picture 37 Mrs. Wendy Graham: Facilities Assistant
Picture 38 Mrs. Cerise Serrant: Facilities Assistant
Picture 39 Mrs. Kamaldai Sewkumar: Facilities Assistant
Picture 40 Mrs Rachel Thomason: Senior Midday Supervisor
Picture 41 Mrs Nabila Iftikhar: Midday Supervisor:
Picture 42 Mrs Barbara Dodd: Midday Supervisor
Picture 43 Mrs Asfeen Alam: Midday Supervisor
Picture 44 Mrs Nazia Majid: Midday Supervisor
Picture 45 Mrs Pooja Pathak: Midday Supervisor
Picture 46 Mrs Rizwana Hussain: Midday Supervisor
Picture 47 Mrs Joan Goodfellow: Midday Supervisor
Picture 48 Mrs Zarida Bibi Midday Supervisor
Picture 49 Mrs Sadia Bano: Midday Supervisor
Picture 50 Shagufta, Fiona, Hilary and Nikki:Our School Cooks