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Hathersage May 2013

Have a look at the photos of our recent trip to Hathersage. We all had a great time as you will see from the piccies!


Gallery - please click to view

Picture 1 Eyam
Picture 2
Picture 3 Padley Gorge
Picture 4 Taking a well earned break from orienteering!
Picture 5 Peveril Castle
Picture 6 Padley Gorge
Picture 7 Padley Gorge
Picture 8 Padley Gorge
Picture 9 Padley Gorge
Picture 10 Padley Gorge
Picture 11 Padley Chapel
Picture 12 Padley Chapel
Picture 13 Padley Chapel
Picture 14 Orienteering
Picture 15 Peveril Castle
Picture 16 Peveril Castle
Picture 17 Peveril Castle
Picture 18 Peveril Castle
Picture 19 Peveril Castle
Picture 20
Picture 21 A map of caverns!
Picture 22 Speedwell Cavern
Picture 23 Relaxing and eating lunch near the Boundary Stone
Picture 24 Near the Boundary Stone
Picture 25 This food tastes great!
Picture 26 Our new behaviour policy?
Picture 27 In the stocks at Eyam
Picture 28 Eyam Hall
Picture 29 Exploring Eyam
Picture 30 Relaxing at St Michael's
Picture 31 Stanage Edge. Did we really walk that?
Picture 32 Stanage Edge
Picture 33
Picture 34 Merry men and women in Robin Hood's cave
Picture 35 I'm sure Robin didn't have so many in his gang
Picture 36 We did it!
Picture 37 Still a way to go
Picture 38 Are we nearly there yet?
Picture 39 Not far to go
Picture 40 On the top of Stanage Edge
Picture 41 Nearly there, just a quick rest
Picture 42 How many Lady Bay pupils can you fit on one rock?
Picture 43 Crossing a stream
Picture 44 Safely over
Picture 45 Little John's grave in Hathersage
Picture 46 Know why there are Yew trees in grave yards?
Picture 47 In the depths of Speedwell Cavern