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General information about school trips

Information for parents regarding school trips.


You will always receive a letter about a school trip in advance.  Below is listed some important information about school trips:
1) School uniform must be worn unless otherwise instructed by the class teacher/trip organiser.
2) Please arrive at school at the normal time unless instructed and children can be collected at the normal time in most cases.
3) In the event of a trip returning to school later than the usual 3:25 finishing time, you will be advised on this time in advance.  In the event to heavy traffic, the school office will update you on the expected pick-up time.
4) Please come prepared for all weathers at whatever time of year.  Please bring a waterproof coat, suitable footwear, a water bottle and a hat/sun cream (in the summer term).
5) A packed lunch will be required for most school trips that last for the entire day.  Please ensure that the packed lunch the children bring is similar to the one they would bring on a normal school day - i.e. healthy lunch containing no foods that the children are allergic to.

6) If you have any questions regarding school trips, more information can be found on the ParentPay tab on the school homepage.