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Curriculum Meetings

As a way of sharing the journey we have been on in reviewing and refining our bespoke Lady Bay curriculum, we invited parents to curriculum meetings. This was an opportunity for parents to listen to Mr. Border and Mrs. Keane to through the steps taken to create the Lady Bay curriculum. 

We shared with the school values, our school motto and how the curriculum is linked to these. We talked about our context and how we have ensured the Lady Bay curriculum is bespoke to the needs of the children. We shared the ways we communicate our curriculum to parents and how they can support their children at home. We also took feedback on their view of our offering and answered any questions raised. 

It was fantastic for parents to see our wonderful displays and the quality of work achieved in books. The 3 events were superb and we are looking forward to running the next two events with an English and Maths focus. 

We have uploaded the presentation below in case you were not able to attend. We have also added some photos of the excellent levels of presentation in books too.