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Film Club is run by Mr. Shilton meets fortnightly on Thursdays throughout the year.  So far this term, we have had two film clubs:


Thursday 10th November (For Years 5 and 6) - we watched the original Lion King film.

Thursday 24th November (For Years 2, 3 and 4) - we watched Inside Out.


The next Film Club dates will be:

Thursday 19th January (For Years 5 and 6) - where we will watch Howl's moving castle

Thursday 9th February (For Years 2, 3 and 4) - Film to be decided.


Film Club costs £2.50 and the children receive drinks and popcorn.  The money raised goes towards future refreshments and other school resources.






The Best Film Review - 

The best film review for the Lion King film was awarded to Reuben Hoyes for this fantastic review:

I liked this film very much.I did think it would be the new movie of the jungle book, but it was still really good. I think I liked the start of the movie when Bagheera chased Mowgli in the forest. I liked that bit because there were a lot of chasing and action which makes me feel exited.My favourite character was Balloo because he's very lazy and funny. I gave it a five star because it was so much fun to watch and made me smile and it's a classic. I also liked it because there was lots of lovely singing.



The best film review for Inside Out film was awarded to Alice Boutard for this fantastic review:


I have seen this film twice. I really like it because it is very funny. This film talks about feelings, it reminds me of never giving up. Sometimes sadness can be good. Riley moves house and at first she didn't like it but then she liked it with the help of her feelings and friends. I loved Bing Bong because he loves to fly to the moon with Riley. Riley doesn't like broccoli just like me.


Both children were awarded a certificate and a trophy for their hard work and efforts.