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Dragon's rewards

Dragon's Gold 2017/18

Congratulations to Adbolton who won the 2nd Dragon's award of the year.  It was a very close race with Trent only coming 33 behind.  The scores can be seen below.  They went to the Savoy Cinema to see Paddington 2.  It was a fantastic movie which had fantastic humour, a great story line and a few sad bits too.  A big thank you to all of the parents, teachers and other staff who helped organise and supervise the trip. The children behaved excellently and were a credit to the school as usual!  Please see the photographs below:



Autumn Term 2 2017


529 - 4th


628 - 1st

Trent 595 - 2nd


500 - 5th


558 - 3rd

Congratulations to Rutland who won the first Dragon's award of the year.  The scores can be seen below.  They will have a special signing and photograph session with the Mountain Bikers on the afternoon of Friday 3rd November.  The children will receive a signed poster and photograph as tokens from what promised to be a spectacular day!  Please see the photographs below:



Autumn Term 1 2017


651 - 1st


520 - 4th

     Trent 565 - 2nd


517 - 5th


532 - 3rd

Final Dragon Points Scores 2017

The table below tells you who the winners of each dragon reward were over the year.  I am delighted that every dragon team won at least one reward but a special ‘well done’ to Rutland who won it twice! There will be a special ‘Dragon’s trophy’ that will be presented to Rutland at a later date as they were the overall winners with 3225 dragon’s gold!  The final standings were:


Dragon Team



3225 - 1st


3003 - 2nd


2892 - 3rd


2870 - 4th


2699 - 5th


Well done to all children who have earned Dragon's Gold this year and contributed to their team's success!  Thanks to all of the adults in the school for giving out the Dragon's Gold.  We look forward to starting this again next year.




JULY 2017 - Dragon Prize number 6 - Water Fight!

Congratulations to Pierrepont who won the final Dragon's award of the year - A Water Fight!  This means that all Dragon's teams have won at least one award this year.  They had great fun soaking each other and utterly drenching Mr. Shilton.    The score for the half-term were as follows:



Summer Term 2


576 - 2nd


435 - 5th


550 - 3rd


768 - 1st


485 - 4th

June 2017 - Dragon Prize number 5 - Circus Skills!

Congratulations to Seymour who won a wonderful circus skills sessions with a hilarious guy called Alex, from Circusology!  The children learned how to juggle with balls and coloured bits of fabric, unicycle, use diablos, catch bricks, balance feathers and much more.  Ask your children to explain this!  The results are shown below:


Summer Term 1


450 – 1st


437 – 5th


429 – 3rd


366 – 2nd


282 – 4th

April 2017 - Dragon Prize number 4 - Party Time!

Congratulations to Rutland who won the party games in the Dragon's diner with Mr. Shilton.  The children played games such as: The Easter Bunny visits, pass the parcel, heads and tails and the balloon game!  Ask you children to explain this!  They then had party treats including squash, biscuits, crisps and cake!  Great fun was had by all!  The next Dragon's reward promises to be even more exciting!  Details to follow.  The results are shown below:


Spring Half-term 2


635 – 1st


394 – 5th


516 – 3rd


602 – 2nd


440 – 4th


A close contest again!  Well done all!

Feb 2017 - Dragon Prize number 3 - School Trip!

Congratulations to Adbolton who won the trip to the Nottingham Video game Arcade on Thursday 9th February.  The children, parents and staff had a super time playing a variety of games, ranging from Space Invaders to Xbox 1!  They all behaved brilliantly and the younger children were superbly looked after by their older counterparts.  Watch this space for details of the next dragon award!


The results for the Spring Term 1 dragon's gold were as follows:

1ST - Adbolton with 634 dragon's gold

2ND - Rutland with 627 dragon's gold

3RD - Trent with 562 dragon's gold

4TH - Pierrepont with 526 dragon's gold

5TH - Seymour with 501 dragon's gold



A close contest again!  Well done all!

Jan 2017 - Dragon Prize number 2 - The Movies!

Congratulations to TRENT for winning the most Dragon's gold in the first half-term.  Unbelievably, there was one dragon token in it!  The final results were as follows:

Trent: 452

Adbolton: 451

Rutland: 429

Seymour: 338

Pierrepont: 319

Trent experienced 'Lady Bay goes to the movies' on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th January where they watched 'The Secret Life of Pets' which was voted for by the children.  They also received popcorn, juice and cakes.  Well done all!

Nov 2017 - Dragon Prize number 1 - Birds of prey!

Congratulations to RUTLAND for winning the most Dragon's gold in the first half-term.  It was a closely fought contest, and the final results were as follows:

Rutland: 526

Adbolton: 503

Trent: 512

Pierrepont: 422

Seymour: 484

Their reward was a visit from 'Hawks of Steele', a bird of prey display company.  The children had a thoroughly amazing time meeting a variety of feathered-friends, including Gus, the golden eagle!  Comments were heard from the children, such as, "This was my best day ever!", "I have never done anything like this before!" and "I have always wanted to handle birds of prey!".  The next reward is "Lady Bay Goes to the Movies" and will take place at the end of the half term.  Well done all!